Filling Out Your Walk In Closet on a Budget

You have moved in. The furniture is in place, the kitchen is ready to break in, and the brand new bedroom furnishings are all set up. Now that you have your brand new closet all ready to fill in, where do you turn to? Or more importantly, how do you afford to fill this space up, after paying for all of this?

If you have already spent money on a deposit, first month’s rent, last month’s rent, furniture, and a moving company, what little money you have left in your bank account is probably looking pretty sparse. But you still need to complement your new house with a new wardrobe. How will you achieve this? By being a thrifty shopper, of course.

Being thrifty does not mean you need to lower your standards one bit. You can still wear great clothes, even though you are being thrifty. Just as you bided your time and waited for the right apartment to open up, you can be patient when it comes to clothes shopping as well. Yes, you have a huge walk-in closet to fill now, but it may take some months before it’s fully occupied.

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You certainly can afford a great wardrobe even after moving in, but these things take time. Be patient and search diligently, and you will find great deals.